HEURIGHT Edited Volume

Jakubowski A., Hausler K., Fiorentini (eds), Cultural Heritage in the European Union – A Critical Inquiry into Law and Policy (BRILL Studies in Intercultural Human Rights 2019) (c. xxv, 400 pp.) (forthcoming)

  • Foreword: European Heritage and the Future of Europe by Krzysztof Pomian
  • Introduction Andrzej Jakubowski, Kristin Hausler and Francesca Fiorentini

PART 1 Europe, the European Union and the Concept of Cultural Heritage

  • 1 Conceptions of a Shared, Common or European Heritage in the Emerging Heritage Diplomacy of the European Union, 1973–92 Cynthia Scott
  • 2 Europe’s Common Cultural Heritage, the European Union and International Law Andrzej Jakubowski
  • 3 Cultural Heritage and the EU: Legal Competences, Instrumental Policies, and the Search for a European Dimension Evangelia Psychogiopoulou
  • 4 The Single European Market and Cultural Heritage: The Protection of National Treasures in Europe Michele Graziadei and Barbara Pasa
  • 5 The ‘Right to Cultural Heritage’ in the European Union: A Tale of Two Courts  Mateusz Bieczyński

PART 2 Cultural Heritage and the European Union’s Economic and Social Development

  • 6 Exploring the Links between Culture, Cultural Heritage and Development. New Challenges for Cultural Indicators in the European Union Paola Monaco
  • 7 The Financing of Cultural Heritage: A Value Based Approach Arjo Klamer and Anna Mignosa
  • 8 Culture and Cultural Heritage in the Trade Agreements of the European Union: Current Trends of a Controversial Relationship Francesca Fiorentini
  • 9 Collections Mobility and Immunity From Seizure Nout van Woudenberg
  • 10 Cultural Heritage, Education and Research in the European Union Alicja Jagielska-Burduk

PART 3 Cultural Heritage and the European Union: New Frontiers

  • 11 The Cultural Heritage of Minorities and Indigenous Peoples in the EU: Weaknesses or Opportunities? Alexandra Xanthaki
  • 12 Migration, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Rights: A Critical Assessment of European Union Law and Policy Alessandro Chechi
  • 13 Intangible Cultural Heritage, Europe and the European Union – Dangerous Liaisons? Hanna Schreiber
  • 14 Cultural Heritage within the European Union’s External Relations: More than a Policy Objective? Kristin Hausler
  • 15 The Protection of Cultural Landscapes in the European Union Amy Strecker
  • 16 Digitisation. Towards a European Cultural Heritage? Ewa Manikowska

Final Conclusions Andrzej Jakubowski, Kristin Hausler and Francesca Fiorentini


Special Issues of the Santander Art and Cultural Law Review

Schreiber H., Lixinski L., Jakubowski A., Jagielska-Burduk A. and Zalasińska K. (eds), ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage – Successes, Problems and Challenges 10 Years After the Entry into Force of the UNESCO 2003 Convention’ (2017) Santander Art and Cultural Law Review 3(2)

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  • Lixinski L., and Schreiber H., ‘Guest Editorial: Intangible Cultural Heritage: Successes,Disappointments, and Challenges’, pp. 17-21
  • Cécile Duvelle talks to Hanna Schreiber and Lucas Lixinski ‘We Need to Make Synergies between the Conventions. This is the Next Step for UNESCO…’, pp. 21-32
  • Mechtild Rössler talks to Magdalena Marcinkowska Between Exclusion and Inclusion: On the Challenges Facing World Heritage Preservation Efforts’, pp. 33-40
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  • Jakubowski O., ‘Cultural Heritage in Poland: The Threat to Cultural Heritage from Crime in Poland: 2016 Cases’, pp. 319-342


Fiorentini F., Hausler K., Jagielska-Burduk A., and Jakubowski A. (eds), ‘Directive 2014/60/EU and the Movement of Cultural Objects in the European Union’ (2016) Santander Art and Cultural Law Review 2(2):

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  • Nafziger J.A.R., ‘Trading and Returning Cultural Objects under International Law’, pp. 179-194
  • Mackenzie-Gray Scott R., ‘The European Union’s Approach to Trade: Restrictions on Cultural Property: a Trendsetter for the Protection of Cultural Property in Other Regions?’, pp. 211-236


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