May 19, 2017

Ewa Manikowska, from the Polish research team, served as a member of the Advisory Board of the international conference, titled ‘Shaping Identities: Challenging Borders. Photographic Histories in Eastern and Central Europe‘, held on 9-11 May 2017, at the Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague. The Institute of Art of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a member of HEURIGHT research consortium, was one of the co-organizers of this event.

A follow up to the highly successful international conference ‘Discovering “Peripheries”: Photographic Histories in Central and Eastern Europe‘ (see our news published on 1 June 2016), which was hosted by the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, in 2016, the event in Prague aimed at challenging established limits within histories of photography. It asked how local circumstances affected the production, dissemination and reception of photography in the societies of Central and Eastern Europe, and how those interacted with trends and developments from abroad. The conference also included a round-table discussion and several workshops on the issues of keeping, managing and digitising photographic collections.

Conference programme is available here.

More information can be found at the conference webpage.

See photo gallery.