March 28, 2018

Current Challenges (and Opportunities) to Accessing Cultural Heritage in the UK and Beyond’. This event is organised as part of the HEURIGHT Project.

The Brexit negotiations have so far not led to much discussion regarding cultural heritage. Nevertheless, the current political climate, in the UK and in the rest of the world, may create some challenges to the accessing and enjoyment of cultural heritage, which has now been established as a human right, enshrined in international law. This event will highlight some of those challenges, as well as discuss possible ways to overcoming obstacles to accessing heritage, including intangible heritage, such as through digitisation for example. While the discussions will centre on the situation in the UK, a wider perspective will also be offered, through the example of the functioning of museums in Poland, where human rights (such as freedom of speech and freedom of artistic expression and science) and are currently under threat.

Chair: Kristin Hausler (BIICL)


  • Alison McCleery (Edinburgh Napier University)
  • Ewa Manikowska (Institute of Art, Polish Academy of Sciences)
  • Andrea Wallace (University of Exeter)
  • Additional speaker TBC

More information will be available soon.