June 1, 2016

logoLiberProArteFoto-plakat-final234A-0131st May – 1st June 2016, Warsaw (Poland). The Society Liber pro arte in collaboration with Polish Association of Photography Historians and journal Dagerotyp has organized an international conference: ‘Discovering “Peripheries”: Photographic Histories in Central and Eastern Europe’.

The core aim of the conference is to explore the wealth of photographic practices in the region now commonly referred to as the former Communist bloc. As, generally speaking, photography in this part of the world has been understudied, the conference intends to promote discussion on its cultural, social and political characteristics in contexts such as national and state ideology, art, museums, education, business, everyday life and journalism.

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Prof. Ewa Manikowska, a member of the Polish Team, has given a key note speech Entangled Visions: Photography and the Cultural Landscape of Eastern Europe at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.

Check the conference programme.

More information and photo gallery are available at Liber pro arte website.